Well, it hardly comes as a surprise that many authors have written some fabulous novels on gambling and casinos. There are very few subjects as thrilling as gambling, which makes it perfect for creating a brilliant story. Someone sees a big reward in a casino game, takes the risk, and faces the moment of truth. There’s either a win or a loss. In a way, life is also a big gamble.

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Someone has a relationship, a job, and all the material things that are accumulated over time. There’s always a risk of losing all of them. Everything depends on faith, efforts, and calculated decisions. Here, we’ve presented some truly exciting novels about gambling and casinos that you might love to read:

1. Casino Royale

This novel from Ian Fleming was first published in the year 1953. It also marked the beginning of James Bond’s career as a spy, but in print. Many of the Bond movies that have been made until now has featured a casino. In the novel, James Bond’s mission is to bankrupt the bad guy named Le Chiffre by playing Baccarat.

In the James Bond movie that came out in 2006, the game is Texas Hold’em. The outcome of this movie was more probable. You might be aware that Baccarat is a game of chance and James Bond is well-known for taking chances.

2. The Gambler

Fyodor Dostoevsky, the author of this novel, was a gambler himself. This novel is a cautionary tale that talks about loss at the table of Roulette and addiction. Dostoevsky is famous across the world as a great writer from the 19th-century Russian literary world. Dostoevsky bet his publisher the publishing rights of all his works against the money the author owed him.

He told his publisher that he could write a book within 30 days. The Gambler was a result of this bet. It gives you an insight into the casinos and the lives of their patrons during the mid-19th century.

3. Tishomingo Blues

This novel from Elmore Leonard has everything that a fictional tale about casinos and gambling must have. It has gamblers, gangsters, and some gorgeous women. Tishomingo Blues is set in Mississippi, and is Leonard’s favorite of all the books that he has written. In the novel, all the action happens in a casino.

The story delights you with its punchy dialogues and is quite gritty and realistic. Leonard wrote this book when he was 77. Film4, a British television network, had planned to make the novel’s movie adaptation with the actor Don Cheadle. Unfortunately, the project didn’t materialize.

4. The Music of Chance

This absurdist novel from Paul Auster was a 1991 PEN/Faulkner Award finalist. The main character in the book is a fireman who has a two-year-old daughter. His name is Jim Nashe. As his wife has left him, he knows he can’t work and raise the child at the same time. So he sends his daughter to live with his sister.

He gets a large amount of money from his father who has died. He pays off all his debts, but ends up spending all his money while living a life of freedom. Along with a young gambler, he plans to fleece two wealthy bachelors in a game of poker. This novel was later made into a film with the same title in 1993.

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