Novels are works of fiction that teach you more than what the curriculum of schools, colleges, and universities do. It takes you to many different worlds, breaks your heart, and also mends it most of the times. Some novels do all of these things in the same chapter.

There are novels that take you to a glorious past. You’ll also find some that put you in a dystopian future. There are many novels you can’t afford to miss if you love reading works of fiction. Here we’ve listed the most fabulous novels of 2022:

1. A Time Outside This Time by Amitava Kumar

A virus is spreading a lot of chaos across the world. What’s making things even worse is that the news being reported is more fiction than fact. Under such circumstances, a struggling writer named Satya goes to the retreat of an acclaimed artist. He realizes that the pressures of the outside world are following him there.

He starts getting ideas for an Orwellian novel, which is set in the era of post-truth. It’s a time which makes it difficult to recall an earlier way of operating.

2. The Exhibitionist by Charlotte Mendelson

Lucia is Ray Hanrahan’s selfless and steadfast wife. Ray is an egotist. He is preparing himself for a new exhibition of his art, which will be the first in several decades. He’s quite sure that it will enhance his reputation. His wife and his three children are also preparing themselves for the event.

Lucia is an artist herself, but she always chooses to be a wife and mother first. What would happen if she makes up her mind to change? Of course, she’s carrying some secrets of her own. As the date of the exhibition draws closer, she must make a choice.

3. Invisible by Danielle Steel

Antonia Adams was born to a beautiful model and a rich businessman. She feels lonely amid the unhappy relationship of her parents. As she grows up, she attempts to hide herself from the world. Her only escape are the movies and it’s her dream to become a screenwriter. Antonia finds a summer job at one of the Hollywood studios.

There she meets a filmmaker who wants to make her a popular actress. Although she’s hesitant, she finds herself in the public eye and gets their attention as well. Of course, she gains massive popularity, but her real dream is to make films. She must now pursue her dream through doubt and tragedy.

4. Hare House by Sally Hinchcliffe

Under some murky circumstances, a woman quits her post at a girls’ school in London. She begins to explore the land around her cottage on the Hare House estate. This place is quite isolated and she spends some time walking the woodland and the moors.

She then gets to hear some unsettling stories of strange figures of clay, scared young men, and witches. Doubts start to descend when she becomes friends with her landlord Grant and his sister Cass. When the inhabitants of the house are trapped together due to a snowfall, the tension begins to rise.

5. Circus of Wonders by Elizabeth Macneal

Nell’s world revolves around her devotion to the sea and her brother. She picks violets for a living in a coastal village in the southern part of England. Nell is set apart by her community owing to the birthmarks speckling her skin. One day Jasper Jupiter’s Circus of Wonderland comes to the village.

Nell’s father kidnaps and sells her to Jasper Jupiter. He tells Jasper that she can be his leopard girl. Nell feels greatly betrayed, but her fame grows. She makes friends with other performers and Toby, who is Jasper’s brother. Later, she wonders whether joining the circus was the best thing to happen to her.

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