We live in a world of constant technological developments. So, it’s extremely necessary that we keep pace with the changing times. In this digital age, there are many who love to read ebooks. However, there are still plenty of readers who still like to read the print versions of books. Now, we can spend the entire day and maybe even more, making comparisons between printed books and ebooks.

The book publishing sector has already embraced the digital space and this has made reading more convenient for many. You might disagree, but there are several advantages that ebooks have over printed books. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. You can change the e-reader’s settings

To optimize the brightness of your e-reader or smartphone, you can make the necessary changes in its settings. You can adjust the brightness of your smartphone or e-reader so that it’s pleasant to your eyes. Most of the e-readers also come with a dark feature. Reading won’t cause any strain to your eyes owing to this particular feature of those e-readers.

Students can have access to any type of content online in recent times. This is, perhaps, one of the biggest problems of e-books. So, it becomes important for parents to keep an eye on their children and the stuff that they’re reading. They can also change the e-reader’s or phone’s privacy settings to prevent their children from accessing inappropriate content.

2. You can access vast collections of books

If you don’t know anything about e-books yet, this would come as a surprise. A single e-reader can carry thousands of e-books inside it. Now, if you were to carry a hundred books while traveling, just imagine how difficult it would be. With e-readers, you don’t need to worry about the number of books you can read. Students can benefit a lot from e-readers, as they’ll be spared from carrying multiple books to their school.

3. You can save your money and time

While developing the concept of e-books, there might’ve been a lot of emphasis on saving time and money. Those days are long gone when students spent hundreds of dollars buying books from the neighboring bookstores. In order to do that, many of them even traveled long distances. Today, they just have to open their smartphone or e-reader to access and buy e-books.

4. You can contribute towards saving the environment

It’s now a known fact that many trees have to be felled in order to make paper. The printed books depend on paper and this indirectly causes a lot of harm to the environment. Although the publishing industry has begun using recycled paper, it’s only limited to a certain extent.

By choosing an e-reader, you’ll be a savior of the environment in a way. If many people stop using printed books and use e-readers, it’ll benefit the environment in a big way.

5. You can share e-books easily

It’ll take some time to share your printed book with someone. With regards to e-books, they can be easily shared online. You can do this either through the social feature in e-readers or sending an e-book via email. Thus, you’ll be able to share the e-books with many people at the same time.

The ones who benefit greatly from this are the students. Instead of buying heaps of books and sharing them, they can buy the e-book versions and share them online.

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